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Maximize Your YouTube Channel with the Latest Creator Features

Maximize Your YouTube Channel with the Latest Creator Features

January 3, 2024
January 10, 2024

YouTube has recently introduced a host of new features for creators. If you’re a YouTube content creator, staying updated on these new offerings is vital for fully leveraging the platform’s capabilities. In this post, we’ll explore these key updates that could help enhance your channel’s performance and attract a larger audience. 

Collab – Remix Shorts Side-by-Side

The new Collab feature makes remixing Shorts even more interactive by enabling creators to record side-by-side with other Shorts or YouTube videos. You can select from various split-screen layouts to react to, respond to, or sync up with existing content.

Collab builds on top of other Shorts remix features like Green Screen and Cut. It’s a great way to put your own spin on trending Shorts and insert yourself into the conversation. 

This feature is only available on iOS for now, but Android support will roll out soon. Once launched more widely, expect to see even more back-and-forth Shorts collaborations and duets!

Boost Fan Engagement with Gifted Memberships 

Channels that offer monthly membership tiers of $5 or less now have the capability to gift 10 free memberships per month to their loyal subscribers. This new option allows you to reward long-time fans with access to exclusive channel perks like custom emojis, badges, bonus content, and more. 

Gifting memberships also draws attention to your membership program and potentially encourages more fans to sign up. Just remember, any unused gift memberships will reset back to zero each month, so leverage this new feature regularly! Distribute these gifts during live streams and Premieres to create more buzz.

Give Members Exclusive Early Access 

If you have memberships enabled on your channel, you can now set newly uploaded videos members-only for a set period before public release. This gives paying members early access and a “sneak peek” at your latest content, which can build excitement around new uploads and grant paying members special privileges without negatively impacting public video performance later on. 

This strategy is also an easy way to boost member perks, especially if you regularly produce new videos. Just be sure to switch your members-only videos back to public after a reasonable early access timeframe to collect ad revenue available from the large public audience. 

Pause Comments and Take a Break 

Managing communities and moderating comments on videos can sometimes be overwhelming. To provide creators with more flexibility and make managing comment sections easier, YouTube introduced a new Pause comments setting.

Enabling this temporarily blocks new comments on a video, preventing additional comments from being posted while preserving any existing ones. This lets you step back from active moderation before re-engaging without erasing your video’s comment history. 

If conversations ever start to become too much to keep up with, Pause comments is a handy solution. You can always turn comments back on again at any time. 

Try out the new YouTube features today!  

Collab, gifted memberships, members-only early access, and pause comments give creators more options for remixing content, rewarding fans, and moderating comments.

Explore these latest updates and integrate them into your channel strategy. The more features you leverage as a creator, the more ways you can engage your community! 

Do you have any questions or need help with these new features? Quarterlab is always here to help, so please feel free to reach out anytime

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