Mid-Roll Ads

Mid-Roll Ads

April 6, 2021
February 18, 2015

Mid-roll ads actually earn more money per-view (on average) than any other ad format available on YouTube. Unfortunately, few channels know this and even fewer understand how to use mid-roll ads effectively.Now referred to as "During the video" ad breaks, members of our network can now enable these mid-roll ads on any "long-form" video on your channel ("long form" means any video longer than 10 minutes). Just log into the Video Manager section of your YouTube channel and go to the "Monetization" tab of any long-form video. Under "Ad breaks" you’ll see a checkbox and a field to include ads "During the video".

A few things to remember:

1. Enter the exact minute and second at which you want your ads to appear, and if you’re including more than one mid-roll ad you must separate each timestamp with a comma (like the above screenshot).2. Use the format MM:SS (for example, fifteen minutes and thirty seconds must be listed as 15:30).3. YouTube recommends that your mid-roll ads be at least 7 minutes apart, and not to add your first mid-roll ad until after the 7-minute mark of your video.

When adding mid-roll ads, you should always try to align their start time with natural breaks in your videos (think intermissions or commercial breaks). If you want to double check the exact points where you've added these mid-roll ads, just click the link that says "Preview" under the "During the video" field and you’ll see an example of exactly where in the video your ads will appear.

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