Our Approach


Prior to joining Quarterlab, G-Eazy already had an extremely successful YouTube channel with lots of subscribers and amazing content. However, after a closer examination we realized that his channel wasn’t earning as much revenue as it could due to several optimization and monetization issues. Quarterlab was brought on in May of 2016 to help the channel reach its maximum earning potential and to help instill best practices throughout the entire channel, with a dual focus of audience development and increasing overall revenue.

During our auditing process we discovered a significant amount of unclaimed and improperly monetized content. Through extensive channel analysis and use of our proprietary optimization and monetization processes, we were able to double his earnings in his first month as a Quarterlab client. In month two his YouTube revenue increased over 4 times from his initial earnings, and altogether his channel earned 675% more money per view after joining Quarterlab. In less than 3 months we helped put his channel on track to generating 6 figures annually, and his engaged viewership reached an all-time high.

Within 3 months of working with Quarterlab, G-Eazy’s channel gained over 75k new subscribers and amassed over 35MM views. A more strategic approach to optimization has resulted in an all-time high in channel engagement, with his videos receiving more shares and clicked links than ever before.

Channel Statistics

Joined Quarterlab:
May 2016
To-date metrics:
8.1B views, 8.5MM subscribers
Clicks on cards and end screens that prompt viewers to watch more videos and subscribe to the channel:
Over 4.6MM
Clicks on annotations to live tickets, merchandise, albums, and personal website:
Revenue increased in first two months of joining Quarterlab
Over 4 times
Increase in annotation clicks per month since joining Quarterlab

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