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In the realm of indie-folk music, Passenger remains known for his emotive melodies and intimate storytelling. The global success of his hit “Let Her Go” not only catapulted him to fame but the song also became a streaming phenomenon with views of over 3.5 billion on its official YouTube video. This track and its accompanying album, “All The Little Lights,” have also been certified Platinum across several regions.

In 2020, Passenger’s management engaged Quarterlab to optimize his YouTube channel and manage the rights for his extensive music catalog on the platform. We implemented a comprehensive strategy to optimize his channel, leverage innovative functionality across his content, and ensure the correct distribution of YouTube earnings between multiple rightsholders. This marked the beginning of the relationship between Passenger and Quarterlab, which has since resulted in numerous collaborative projects over the years.

In the fall of 2023, Passenger’s team approached Quarterlab with an ambitious project - releasing “All The Little Lights - Anniversary Edition” and participating in YouTube’s 2023 Multi-Format Program. To support this initiative, Quarterlab produced and published an extensive collection of content with a video strategy incorporating all of YouTube’s formats, including music videos, lyric videos, live streams, Shorts, Premieres, live redirects, and more. Additionally, we oversaw and administered royalty collection and disbursement for the different music assets on the platform.

From the acoustic live recordings of all the album’s songs, Quarterlab’s editing team created official acoustic lyric videos for Passenger’s YouTube channel, which added a visual appeal to the audience’s experience of the music. In just two months, these lyric videos garnered a total of over one million views.

Quarterlab also played a pivotal role in incorporating Premiere trailers and live redirects for better audience reach and engagement. A highlight of this campaign was Quarterlab and Passenger’s innovative use of YouTube’s Rodeo mobile app, which provides a unique way for creators to engage with their audience. This unique app, which allows users to collaboratively stream via phone, was woven into the album release promotional strategy to ensure a more engaging and interactive experience for the audience.

Recognizing the potential of Rodeo, the app was used to stream a live redirect of a prerecorded ‘Behind The Song’ session, where Passenger delved into the song-making journey and provided a deeper insight into the official music video that the viewers had just watched, which gave the audience an intimate look into the whole creative process.

Passenger’s YouTube channel continues to reach new heights, gaining over 2.3 billion views and 1.4 million subscribers in three years - a direct result of the album campaigns and rights management strategies in partnership with Quarterlab.

Channel Statistics

Joined Quarterlab:
December 2020
To-date metrics:
7B views, 7.2MM subscribers
Clicks on cards and end screens that prompt viewers to watch more videos and subscribe to the channel:
Over 5MM
Released multiple albums, the latest being:
“All The Little Lights - Anniversary Edition” in 2023

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