Our Approach


SOB x RBE’s management enlisted Quarterlab in December 2017 after having worked together for several years with another client, Run The Jewels. Launched in January 2016, SOB x RBE’s YouTube channel already had an impressive subscriber count of over 200k subs and over 100MM views, but the channel was not reaching its full earning potential. Quarterlab was brought onboard in December 2017 to help improve monetization, optimize the overall channel, and implement best practices across the channel’s functionality and upcoming video release schedule.

After an extensive audit and optimization of the channel, we increased SOB x RBE’s monthly earnings over 5 times from their earnings the month prior to joining. This increase was realized in their first month of working with us and their year-over-year earnings increased by 7x in the following quarter. The channel’s CPM more than doubled and achieved a major increase in the overall percentage of views that were monetized, leading to a significant growth of video-based revenue for the artist.

Moving into the new year, we devised a strategy of programming the release of SOB x RBE’s back catalog content in lead up to their official debut album Gangin. This provided the channel with over 60 videos of new content to help set the stage for an extremely successful album launch. As a result, the channel received over 3MM views on release week with over 25k CTA clicks driving fans to album sales and streams of additional content.

Channel Statistics

Joined Quarterlab:
December 2017
To-date metrics:
546MM views, 711k subscribers
Revenue increased in the first month of joining Quarterlab
Over 5 times
Over 21k CTA clicks per month since joining Quarterlab. Overall to date
First month working with Quarterlab became
Top grossing month to-date

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