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thizzler on the roof

Thizzler On The Roof is the official home for Bay Area hip-hop and R&B, and their YouTube channel helps break new artists by showcasing their music and providing a glimpse into the personalities behind the songs. In September 2018 they approached Quarterlab with the goal of increasing their YouTube channel earnings, as well as distributing music to YouTube Premium and other streaming platforms. They were previously not monetizing all of their content, since they distributed and represented music from a variety of different artists and needed help systemizing their licensing and royalty payouts.

Our first goal was to help them put a strategy together for increasing overall earnings and sharing revenue with the artists they represent. We did this by helping devise and systemize operations that enabled accurate payouts to a multitude of rights holders. At the same time, Thizzler executed agreements with their artists to give them the ability to fully monetize their music and videos. Once we established this system, we were quickly able to optimize their video-based earnings and the results we saw were astounding.

Within the first quarter of working with Quarterlab, Thizzler’s revenue increased by 25x. The channel continued to see steady revenue growth in the subsequent months, with earnings increasing by 1.5x per month in the following 6 month period. The overall revenue-per-view generated by the channel grew by 29x in the first three months after joining Quarterlab.

On top of helping them increase their earnings on YouTube, Quarterlab also provides distribution for their top artists to various social media platforms. This allows their content to be accessible to fans on these platforms, helps protect various uses of their copyrighted content, and increases overall earnings for their account.

Channel Statistics

Joined Quarterlab:
September 2018
To-date metrics:
1.3B views, 48MM hours of watch time, 1.36MM subscribers
Clicks on cards and end screens prompting viewers to watch more videos on the channel:
Within the first three months of joining Quarterlab, revenue increased: 

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